I Remember

Musical poetry of your voice

Takes me back

Long and not so long ago

Skilled and poignant

I remember every word

In awe of you

A different light

Your presence

Glory days of college

Long gone

I found you

You still shine Continue reading

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Thought for today

The greatest pain I’ll ever have is loving someone who will never completely be mine

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Downhill crazy

You loved me
Until you replaced me
A beautiful liar
A cold heart
You looked Into my eyes
Swore from one end of this earth
To another
Denying the truth
But I saw through you
The light guided me
it was all a beautiful lie
I picked up the pieces
You broke me but I’ll rebuild
Wish you well
Not in my life
Want to cut yourself
Let me pass you the knife
Love is a not game
Love is not a spell
I did you nothing
Yet you put me through hell
I walked away my head held high
I’ll cry no more the tears are dry
Goodbye and good riddance
The devil deserves better
I’ll lick it and stamp this love letter
May karma bite your ass and give you a dick
Yet it wouldn’t help, you’re such a sad prick
Maybe I sound mad, maybe I gone crazy
Maybe it’s the anger getting hazy
Goodbye and farewell one more time
An angry woman on the wine
I’ll sing the song of love
But not for you
For all the lovers In love… Not me, nor you.,,

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A fool I was
But not no more
The moment the awakening
Shook my soul
Selfishness consumed you
Took for granted
My everything
I broke I left
The pieces behind
Pieces are still my peace
I rebuild
My heart never been so free
Finally the light surrounds me
I’m in a good place
You don’t exist to me
Therefore your death won’t haunt my dreams
I bid you farewell
I bid no good nor bad
I smile and the calm seduces me
As I lay in resurrection

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Simply stated

At the end of the day, it’s always some asshole who will break your heart and not give a rat’s ass regarding the pain caused.

Simply stated… When I needed you where were you? Now that I’m fine on my own leave me alone

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The Book

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
The pages of your book
Disappointed me from the start
To the ending
The cover deceived me
Enticed me to believe
The words would captivate
My attention
As the story progressed
Hope faded
What a fool I was
Buying the book because of it’s cover
Beautiful outside
Dark and malicious inside
Fucking with my emotions
With pages of misery
I rip the pages
Fuck your masterpiece
I’ll light the night with your words
They will no longer exist
You will no longer captivate
This broken bird

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You are home
Never will I forget
The warmth of your embrace
Your sweet voice
The endless moments
Of love
You were my inspiration
Inspiration deep inside
My heart will never be the same
The hole deepens
As days the pass
But I’m still in the same place
Missing you
Loving you
Your presence inside my heart
The tears release me
You’re at peace but I’m in turmoil
Your light lives within me
Goodbye my friend

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The dark night is sleepless
Quietness and loneliness
Overwhelms the dark
One night a star appeared
Shining in it’s glory
Awakens the sweet rose
His soft words humbles my soul
His eyes tell humbling truths
My petals fall slowly
One by one
My star cherishes his rose
Mesmerized by it’s beauty
His soft lips melts me
His sweet song spellbinding
Is this a dream inside a dream
My star so genuine…
He is my light…one in a million

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New York love

The bitter of the cold
Won’t slow my footsteps
On a blustery winter’s day
In my city
On the busy streets of New York
My shoes pinching and punishing my toes
I’ll walk and walk
To embrace you Again
For a few moments
Even with my anguished heart
I’ll laugh and smile
Because I’ll take what I can get
The few moments on a cold winter’s day
Inside a cozy hideaway
The way you looked at me
The way I looked at you
Bearing the unbearable
All the battles I have ever faced
This cut is the deepest
As the city doesn’t sleep
In peace
And neither does my heart
In pieces
I’ll always love you…

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My star

You’re the star inside my rainbow
Your voice brightens my day
Your words strengthen my smile
You’re an old soul
I’m a young heart
The world won’t understand
What the heart feels
Our paths have crossed
Maybe only for a short time
But I’ll cherish every moment
That I can steal from you
Your happiness is my comfort
I’ll remember this always…
You’ll forever be in my heart
Your song sings inside my soul
My star amongst the rainbow

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